Deadweight ton (English: deadweight long tons or metric tons) Unit; (dwt): It is a unit of weight measurement. It comes from the English word meaning dead weight. It is a unit of measurement used in international maritime trade. It is used as a davet in Turkish.

Deadweight tonnage: The weight that a ship carries when it is fully loaded with cargo, passengers, personnel, stores, fuel and fresh water and is submerged in salt water until the summer draft, as 2240 lb ton. The importance of this tonnage is revealed in the loading of the loads that the ship can carry as weight. Shipowners want to load as much as possible on their ships. To make this possible, they take to the ship enough fuel and fresh water for their journey. To understand how much the ship will sink in salt water and fresh water, the Dedveyt scale (Deadweight scale) is looked at. In this table, the depth of the ship is found by entering the mean draft.